Community Based Adaptation- Scaling up Community Action for Livelihoods Ecosystems in Southern Africa and Beyond-CBA-SCALE+

Start Date: November 2021End Date: October 2027
Donor: International Climate Initiative-IKIAward Value EUR 3,707,200

SDG: 13|Climate Action; 7|Affordable and Clean Energy; and 5|Gender Equality
Implementing Partners: International Institute for Sustainable Development, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network, CARE Zimbabwe, CARE Mozambique, Alliance for Nutrition and Reconstruction, NutriAid Trust, Zimba District Council, and Ministry of Green Economy and Environment

Brief Description: CBA-SCALE+ will work alongside communities and national and sub-national decision makers through a participatory, integrated approach, to support CBA planning and implementation and ensure that policies, plans, and resources support the implementation of CBA actions at scale over the longer term.

Working in over 100 communities and reaching over 500,000 people across Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe, project partners will implement inclusive, gender-specific, and nature-related measures for community-based adaptations. In Zambia, we will enable 66,000 individuals to be able to better cope with climate related risks.