“Engaging, Empowering and Creating demand generation among women and girls is at the heart of what we do”

We cannot eradicate poverty and achieve social justice, while gender inequality persists. CARE’s focus across the country is to work with women and girls who face social injustice and exclusion, have limited access to productive resources and education, and lack a voice within their communities. CARE advances gender equality by building agency, changing relations, and transforming structures: to build agency, CARE works with individuals to raise the consciousness, self-esteem, confidence, and aspirations to change their world, and the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to do so; to change relations, CARE addresses inequality that persists in intimate relations, family, social and political networks, marketplaces, and community or citizen groups; and to transform structures, CARE advocates against discriminatory laws and for new laws and policies to reduce discrimination.

To fulfill women’s fundamental human right to economic resources and the power to make decisions that affect their lives, their families, and their communities, women must have equitable access to and control over economic resources, but more importantly, it also requires changes to discriminatory social norms and economic structures, laws, and practices marginalizing women.